MonoDermà is Pure, Topical Vitamins for your Skin.
Clinically Proven to Help Melasma and Dull, Tired Skin.

Pure vitamins: the simplest formula for natural beauty.

MonoDermà provides only pure and naturally derived vitamins for topical application

Essential nutritional factors:
Vitamins are crucial substances for the health of our body and the wellbeing of the skin.

Formulation that respects the skin’s ecosystem:
MonoDermà contains only vitamins in their purest form completely void of water, preservatives, colorants and fragrances which, when present, can cause allergies, sensitivity and irritation of the skin.

Optimal concentration:
MonoDermà vitamins are provided in the most ideal & effective dosages.

Maximum tolerability and safety:
The MonoDermà dosage has been specifically formulated to reduce the chances of common allergic reactions.

Only what's needed, when needed, where needed. MonoDermoDose®

MonoDermoDose® is the innovative container in biodegradable jelly, which offers significant advantages over tubes, jars and dispensers:

  • The MonoDermoDose® contains & protects the pure, natural, active ingredients
  • Pure vitamins are the most active form. Other products have modified forms (esters) which are not as effective
  • Perfect conservation: the contents do not come into contact with air & light
  • Free from preservatives, colorants & perfumes
  • Guarantee of maximum safety and tolerability for the most sensitive skin
  • Comfort of use: easy to use and easy to bring anywhere
  • Complete cycle: packaging with 28 MonoDermà Doses for a treatment corresponding to a lunar cycle

Monoderma Packages


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