About Monodermà

1. Where is MonoDermà from?

MonoDermà is manufactured in Italy and is distributed by Medexus Inc. MonoDermà has been launched in several countries around the world with excellent clinical results and reviews. (Medexus is a Canadian Pharmaceutical company which focuses on Dermatology, Rheumatology and Women’s Health.)

2. What is MonoDermà?

MonoDermà is pure vitamins A (retinol- .15%), C (ascorbic acid 10%), and E (tocopherol 5%), in veggie capsules, used topically for healthy radiant skin and a smoother more even skin tone. Pure vitamins are only stable in small volumes and when protected from light and air. MonoDermà’s MonoDermoDose® package delivers pure, active vitamins for the best results. It is for all skin types and use can be tailored for specific problems: Tired or dull skin, Hyperpigmentation /dark patches/melasma and dryness. It is clinically proven and dermatology recommended.

3. Why is MonoDermà unique?

Other products have modified forms (esters) which are not as effective as pure vitamins. 

  • Perfect conservation: the contents do not come into contact with air & light
  • Free from preservatives, colorants & perfumes
  • Guarantee of maximum safety and tolerability for the most sensitive skin
  • Comfort of use: easy to use and easy to bring anywhere
  • Complete cycle: packaging with 28 MonoDermà doses for a treatment corresponding to a lunar cycle (and skins regular renewal schedule of 28 days)

4. What is MonoDermà A15? 

MonoDermà A15 is pure vitamin A or retinol (.15%) Retinol is used to help exfoliate the skin. Sometimes, dead skin cells collect on the surface of the skin, causing the skin to look dull or tired and can even make skin look older with fine lines. (This is the result of cell build-up and / or product build-up. MonoDermà A15 helps exfoliate these cells, revealing smoother, more radiant skin. Retinol can cause some redness so it is recommended to use at night. MonoDermà A15 can be used in cycles (every 2 or 3 months). Always wear SPF along with MonoDermà products to protect the results and help protect the skin from harmful sun.

5. What is MonoDermà?

MonoDermà C10 is pure vitamin C or ascorbic acid (10%).   Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant.   It helps prevent pooling of pigment and therefore lightens the skin.  (Reduces hyperpigmentation/melasma and dark spots.)  MonoDermà C10 helps counteract the activity of free radicals, resulting in better skin tone.
Always wear SPF along with MonoDermà products to protect the results and help protect the skin from harmful sun.

6. What is MonoDermà E5?

MonoDermà E5 is pure vitamin E or tocopherol (5%). Vitamin E is an antioxidant.  It helps soothe and hydrate the skin.   It is particularly effective in combination with MonoDermà C to help protect and counteract UV damage.  MonoDermà E helps restore the skins protective barrier.  MonoDermà E5 can be used in the a.m. or p.m. depending on how the skin feels.  If skin feels dry in the morning, due to dehydration, MonoDermà can be applied in the morning.  
It is very soothing and absorbs within a few seconds.   Always wear SPF along with MonoDermà products to protect the results and help protect the skin from harmful sun. 

9. How soon will I see a difference? 

Every individual’s skin is unique. A noticeable difference can be as early as a week (skin health and feel).  For trouble areas of hyperpigmentation, results vary with use.   (For optimal efficacy with hyperpigmentation), MonoDermà C10 should be used in the a.m. and p.m.

10. Why are there only 28 capsules instead of 30?

MonoDermà is packaged in 28 day, easy-to-use dial packs which reflects the lunar cycle.   (This is also reflective of the skins renewal system of 28 day cycles)

11. Is the container which holds the capsules recyclable? 

Yes, the container is recyclable.

12. Is it paraben free?

MonoDermà is paraben free.

13. Is MonoDermà biodegradable?

Yes, the veggie capsules are biodegradable.

14. Is MonoDermà compostable?

We can not say that the veggie capsules are compostable. We can only say that they are bio-degradable/ not dangerous for the environment (because they are veggie).


1. How do I use MonoDermà pure vitamins?

Simple is better — and so is MonoDermà. Just remember 3 steps:

  1. Always apply MonoDermà on a clean dry face in the morning or evening.
  2. You can mix and match your MonoDermà A, C, E. Just leave a few minutes in between applying the second product.
  3. Always wear SPF to protect the beneficial effects of MonoDermà

2. Which product is best for me. A, C, E?

We were hoping you would ask!

For Melasma or Hyperpigmentation
Use MonoDermà C10 in the morning or evening (DAILY- a.m. and p.m. for a more dramatic effect). See before and after.

For dry, sensitive skin
Use MonoDermà E5 in the morning or evening – this will help hydrate and soothe.

For dull tired (fine lines) skin
Use MonoDermà A15 in the evening – this will help exfoliate dead skin cells and product buildup.

3. There are 3 products. Which ones should I try?

Your skin will change every day depending diet and environment. You should mix and match MonoDermà products. Your skin will love you for it!

Is your skin feeling parched? Apply MonoDermà E for silky soothing hydration.

Have dark spots? Start daily application of MonoDermà C and always wear SPF.

Dead skin? Out with the old, in with the new! MonoDermà A at night to help exfoliate dead skin and product buildup. Reveal new fresh skin!

4. I have favourites that I love. Can I use MonoDermà with them?

Yes! Don’t waste a favourite! Simply apply MonoDermà first on clean dry skin. This allows the pure vitamin to do its work. You can apply your favourites (primer, foundation, moisturizer, other MonoDerma vitamins) a few minutes after.

5. I’ve tried so many product what makes MonoDermà better than other vitamin creams?

MonoDermà pure vitamins are preservative and colour free. They have not been altered to accommodate exposure to the elements. They are sealed and ready to work when you apply them to your skin. Check out what our customers are saying.

6. How/ When should I use MonoDermà?

It’s important to always start with clean fresh skin and then use MonoDermà each and every day.  This allows the vitamins to do their job:
MonoDermà should be applied right after cleansing in the morning or after cleansing before bed.   If required, your moisturizer can be applied after.  Always wear SPF to preserve the effects of MonoDermà pure vitamins.

  • MonoDermà C or E can be used in the morning or in the evening, alone or in combination.    
  • MonoDermà A should be used at night as retinol can cause redness and photosensitization. 
  • MonoDermà A, C or E, can be used alone or in combination depending on the particular skin concern.  It’s best to wait 5-10 minutes prior to applying a different capsule, primer/foundation or SPF cream.
  • MonoDermà C and E can be used everyday and year round.  MonoDermà A should be every 2 or 3 months. 
7. How do I apply it?

Simply twist the cap off and then squeeze either directly on the face or onto your finger to apply.

8. Do I need to wear SPF?

SPF should be worn everyday. It’s important to protect skin from the suns harmful effects as well as protecting MonoDermà’s effect. (The sun can reactivate hyperpigmentation.)

9. Is there enough for my whole face?

Yes the capsule contains enough product for the whole face. There is even a little extra in the tip of the capsule.

10. Can I use it on my hands or chest where I have dark patches?

Yes, MonoDermà can be used on the hands and chest.

11. Can I wear make up over top?

Make up/ foundation/ SPF can be worn over top of MonoDermà. It’s best to wait 5-10 minutes to ensure that MonoDermà has been absorbed.

12. Can I use it with other products?

Yes. It is recommended to apply MonoDermà to the skin first after cleansing and then follow with SPF/ moisturizer/ concealer if required. In fact MonoDermà A, C, E work great in combination with each other for enhanced efficacy. The powerful antioxidants work hand in hand for excellent results.

13. What is unique about using MonoDermà C and E in combination?

MonoDermà C is known for it’s lightning and brightening on the skin. Because it is pure, it has remarkable effects for people who have hyperpigmentation or melasma. -MonoDermà E is a powerful antioxidant which helps to soothe and hydrate skin and helps to keep free radicals from damaging skin. These 2 products in combination have dramatic results See Diane Dramatic Before and After effects with 2 x daily use.

14. Can I use MonoDermà E on Rosacea?

Rosacea is a complex inflammatory condition of the skin, the origin of which is not fully known.  At the base there is always a 'skin inflammation and autonomic-vasomotor phenomena. One of the "accused" is a small parasite (a mite) which normally lives in the sebaceous glands (demodex folliculorum), but increased during pustular rosacea ("acne rosacea"). The perioral dermatitis, typical of women, may be due to the prolonged use of steroid creams, or cosmetics and fragrances.

The therapy (chronic) normally consists of oral and topical antibiotics.Vitamin E cannot be considered a treatment but it may help to calm the inflammatory condition of the skin. Vitamin E can be recommended to reduce the symptoms of irritation/ inflammation caused by Rosacea.