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Your Skin’s Not Just Dry – It’s Dehydrated!

June 8, 2015 - Posted by in Skin Care Community Skin Wellness

Yes, there’s a difference between dry and dehydrated skin.

Those who live in the desert know the distinction, but surprisingly, women from Seattle to Toronto to Miami are suffering the effects of persistent low skin moisture and are unaware of how much a problem it is.

While dry skin is often a temporary surface condition that makes the skin feel tight, itchy, and uncomfortable, dehydrated skin results in unsightly lines and cracks. These undermine your skin’s capacity to do what it’s supposed to.

Hydrated Skin

Bodily dehydration could be more of a serious health threat than we imagine. A little insight and a change of habit should help improve your overall health and create a new vibrant complexion.

Let’s discuss a little about how skin becomes dehydrated and the key things you can do to rehydrate.

My Skin Feels Awful

Your daily life presents all sorts of threats to your skin’s healthy levels of moisture, from the inside and outside. Some are natural while others are of your own doing.

It’s very likely that you’re not drinking enough water. Most people don’t. Experts recommend six to ten cups a day. That’s a lot of water yet so necessary.

Your skin has the largest surface area, and it’s not easy to keep hydrated. Drinking water isn’t sufficient. The dry indoor air, coffee and alcohol you drink, acidic foods you eat, the harsh cold air in the winter, and dry hot air in summer outside torture your skin. And if you like tanning, your dermis layer is getting hit with damaging UV rays that create free radicals and cell damage. This reduces your skin’s ability to retain moisture.

Unfortunately, as you age, hormone issues make your skin thinner which means it will dry out faster. It becomes more susceptible to external contaminants and irritation. Then you wash your skin daily and apply makeup and may worsen your skin’s state.

– It’s like someone set a plague upon you!

Dehydrated skin is sensitive, shows lines and cracks, and often the production of collagen and elastin has been affected causing a loss of some of its strength and elasticity. If you’ve lost that healthy glow, dehydration may be the culprit.

Monoderma E5

A regimen for healthier, hydrated skin:

  • Drink 8 glasses of water per day
  • Try eating more fruit and vegetables (they contain vitamins and other substances that aid your skin)
  • Use MonoDermà E5 (for soothing and hydration effects)
  • Apply pure, hydrating lotions before you go outside
  • Minimize alcohol consumption and avoid too much sugar
  • Consume more Omega 3 fatty acids (supplements are good, but you’ll find them in avocados, fish, olive oil)
  • Consider using a humidifier in your home/bedroom

Good luck with your new hydrated lifestyle. It takes time for your skin to respond and revive, but never give up hope that you can enjoy beautiful, healthy skin. You’ll enjoy the rewards soon!

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