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Minimizing the Effects of Rosacea

August 6, 2015 - Posted by in Skin Wellness

It’s not uncommon for most people to experience a more serious skin condition; one that hampers their happiness. Rosacea is one of those skin disorders.

Rosacea is a skin disorder that causes flushing, persistent redness, and a burning, stinging feeling on a sufferer’s face’s where it often mimics acne. 2/3rds of rosacea suffers are women. Rosacea in teens and kids is not uncommon.

Misunderstandings May be More Painful than the Condition

Rosacea is not contagious. It is often visible and can’t easily be hidden therefore a sufferer’s self-esteem is frequently affected.

Besides the reddened skin on the face, some sufferers have it on their eyelids and eyes.

Others may misunderstand the condition and falsely assume the sufferer may be an alcoholic, cries a lot, is tired, or doesn’t take care of their hygiene. This highlights the daily psychological trials that some sufferers endure and it may in turn affect the severity of their ongoing rosacea symptoms.

It might be important to tell others you have rosacea and that it’s not contagious so they don’t spend too much time wondering what’s wrong with you. That well-meaning advice they offer about “your acne” or “high blood pressure” is really not helping anyone.

If you suspect you have some rosacea symptoms, it’s important to discuss it with your doctor. The condition typically worsens if not managed.

Stress-Induced Flareups

Both men and women may suffer flare-ups from emotional stress. For women the added complication of menstruation cycles and menopause worsen symptoms.

There’s a multitude of medications for the treatment of rosacea. Those medications target symptoms such as inflammation, anti-itching, and bacteria exposure.

There’s plenty of skin lotions available to help soften, calm and soothe the inflamed, itchy skin. Your dermatologist or doctor may offer some good suggestions which will hopefully do more than “mask” the symptoms.

Vitamin E is an Essential Nutrient for Your Skin

Monoderma E5We have a wonderful product too that may help your rosacea condition. MonoDermà E5 has a pure form of Vitamin E that is an essential nutrient for the equilibrium and wellbeing of the skin. MonoDermà E5 soothes, moisturizes and helps protect the skin from external irritants such as the Sun’s rays.

MonoDermà E5 is not a relaxant, sun tan lotion, moisturizing lotion or anti-bacterial medicine. It’s a longer term treatment regimen that helps improve the health of your skin. Vitamin E is well researched and well cited in papers.

The key factor in vitamin e’s power is its purity. That purity must be maintained carefully and protected from oxygen or other contamination that reduces its efficacy. That’s why your MonoDermà E5 facial serum comes in a capsule form. And with a capsule for each day of the week, it’s a simple, convenient skin care solution.

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