Kerry Bakewell

How to Create a Gorgeous Complexion

June 22, 2015 - Posted by in Skin Wellness

It’s just not fair that our lives show up on our faces. Those unsightly lines, bumpiness, dark spots and more ─ the result of all our battles through the years. And we...

Kerry Bakewell

Your Skin’s Not Just Dry – It’s Dehydrated!

June 8, 2015 - Posted by in Skin Care Community, Skin Wellness

There’s a difference between dry and dehydrated skin. Surprisingly, women from Seattle to Toronto to Miami suffer persistent low skin moisture.

Kerry Bakewell

Relief from the Discomfort of Eczema

May 25, 2015 - Posted by in Skin Care Community

Why You Have Eczema and Tips for Treating it.

Kerry Bakewell

After Hours Sun Damage is Worse than Previously Thought

May 6, 2015 - Posted by in Sun Damage

A new study conducted by the Yale School of Medicine has discovered that cancer-causing damage to skin continues for hours after we’ve been out in the sun. The culprit appears to be...

Kerry Bakewell

The Amazing Power of Vitamins: 16 Benefits of Topical Vitamins

April 25, 2015 - Posted by in Vitamins

You’ve been exposed to thousands of skin care products on TV or at retail stores, but which ones actually work?

Kerry Bakewell

Treatment Methods For Melasma or Hyperpigmentation

April 12, 2015 - Posted by in Melasma

Melasma is a fairly common skin affliction affecting about 6 million women in North America. Vitamin-based skin treatments offer the best skin lightening, regeneration, and smoothing benefits while being the least invasive remedies. Discover which melasma or hyperpigmentation issue you have and how a serum supplements your skin treatment.

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