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Spotlight Review: MonoDermá C10 for Melasma

May 18, 2016 - Posted by in Melasma Skin Care Community Spotlight Review Series

Monoderma C10 Spotlight Review

We’ve received so many wonderful reviews and emails from customers about the dramatic improvements MonoDermá has had on their skin, we thought we’d share these great stories by featuring them in a Spotlight Review series. Here’s our first one from Stephanie who used MonoDermá C10 to treat the uneven tones and melasma on her skin.

– Stephanie (11/03/15 ):

I stumbled on MonoDermá online while researching melasma. At 46, my skin tone had become super splotchy and uneven, though my skin itself was in great shape. I took a chance on the C10, and after using it once a day for two months I could see improvement. But now that I have been using it 4 months, I see dramatic reduction in the darkness and amount of melasma coverage I had. I have quit using the tinted moisturizer I loved because I no longer need it. A good base powder is all I need any more. I am absolutely sold on this product!

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