Does Your Skin Look Unhealthy?

It just seems unfair that a dull or tired looking complexion can affect how others see us. However, people do make these quick judgements and if our skin looks unhealthy, they assume we’re not healthy.

And tired skin that’s lost its lustre makes us a little less attractive. Fortunately, there’s a simple, natural, and potent solution.


What Causes Dull Tired Skin?

  • Lack of oils in the skin
  • Buildup of dead skin
  • Dehydration and dryness of the skin
  • Sun damage

  • Large pores collecting dry oil and dirt
  • Discolouration/fading
  • Poor blood flow within the skin
  • Makeup residue

  • Medications
  • Hot showers/over washing
  • Aging
  • Intense heat, wind and cold

There are plenty of causes of dull skin tone yet we’re fortunate that we can neutralize and them and mitigate the damage present.

Get that healthy glow again

Get that Healthy Glow Again

Your first task is to check each of the above causes and begin dealing with each of them. If your skin has signs of small bumps and blackheads, then you need to use a good facial cleanser to clean your pores and top layers of skin. Then your natural oils and MonoDermà pure vitamin-based products will better permeate your skin’s layers.

To clear dead skin away, we suggest using MonoDermà A15 to exfoliate in a non-harmful way. A15 contains pure retinol which is the gold standard in high quality skin Serum. Exfoliation will lift dead cells, dirt, makeup, and toxins that have attached to your skin. A15 also helps regenerate strong healthy skin. You’ll soon be left with a smooth, brightened complexion and a glowing tone that others find attractive

Combined Regenerative Powers of A & E

To rehydrate your skin and prevent further damage, you’ll want to use MonoDermà E5. Its powerful Vitamin E ingredients help to rehydrate and protect against UV and oxidation damage.

It’s true that skin loses some of its reparative abilities as we age. However, with proper hydration, good sleep, proper nutrition, and a high quality, natural skin treatment, much of this aging effect can minimized.

It’s a fact. Your skin needs good care. By following the above advice and using MonoDermà A15 and E5, you’ll soon be seeing a return of a beautiful glowing complexion.


MonoDerma A15 and E5