Nature’s Own Powerful Skin Lightening Formula

Many women, particularly those of African, Indian and Asian descent are plagued by the skin condition Melasma. This affliction is seen by dark spots or discoloration of skin on the face (hyperpigmentation), hands, and other areas of the body.

The appearance of these patches of discolored skin is not dangerous. However, if suffered over long periods of time it unfortunately can affect any woman’s self-esteem. Not long ago, there weren’t many treatments available for Melasma. Powders and makeup were used to cover up the patches and spots.

Poor Treatment Choices

Soon sufferers were availed of acid peel, microdermabrasion, and laser skin treatments, all of which were unnecessarily harsh to the skin. Others used a controversial substance called hydroquinone which chemically bleaches the skin. Too often, these practices worsened user’s condition. Today, a new vitamin-based Serum is a pleasant, preferred treatment for Melasma without the pain or skin damage.

Natural Melasma Treatment

With Melasma, the outer layer of the skin produces an excess of melanin, a hormone which is dark in appearance. You can’t wash melanin off of your skin, however you can use pure Vitamin C to cause the outer dark spots and dark patches of skin to fall away.

It’s quite normal for the outer layer of skin to flake and fall away, and new lower layers of skin to appear underneath. As the outer layers fall away, new lighter layers of skin are exposed which look smoother, healthier, and more normal.

MonoDermà A15 is a safe, more active way of lifting dark skin cells away to give the face a more uniform appearance and healthier tone.

Those who have successfully used the MonoDermà treatments report that they look better, feel better, and are less stressed about their facial appearance.

MonoDerma A15 + C10