You Can’t Avoid the Sun – But You Can Protect Yourself

If you could live a life without sunshine, would you want to? That wouldn’t be fun. Yet oddly, you’ve likely been advised to avoid the sun completely. That’s not good advice. We all need sunshine and it feels so good!

Far from being a cancer causing agent, the sun is vital to our physical and emotional health. A healthy dose of sunshine lifts us, while hiding away inside our homes brings us down. A better solution is to use natural Serums or lotions to cover and protect the skin while we’re at the park or beach, or driving to and from work.

That means it’s okay to go to your kids soccer or baseball game, and even to the beach. It’s healthy and your skin will be okay.

Allergies and Sensitivities

Not everyone can apply suntan lotions on their skin however, because they break out in rashes. That’s where the purity of a topical skin product comes in. A pure product lessens the likelihood of rashes and breakouts and the higher quality creates some outstanding benefits for your skin.

Pure Vitamin e offers skin cell protecting properties while not inducing rashes. It also hydrates, calms and softens skin. Yes, Vitamin e is an amazing nutrient which our body doesn’t produce on its own. We have to consume it in our food or apply it directly to our skin. This ensures our skin is getting plenty of it and it’s readily available to our skin cells.

Neutralizing Damaging Free Radicals

It’s not just excessive sun exposure that damages skin. Smog, oxygen, toxins, heat, cold, and dryness also stress it significantly. When damaged or exposed to toxins, sunlight, or oxygen, some skin cells lose electrons and become free radicals. These abnormal cells begin to scavenge neighboring skin cells for that missing electron, thus damaging them and even altering their DNA structure. This is a dominant way skin is damaged, aged, and made vulnerable to skin cancer (melanoma). Some forms of melasma and discoloration are a result of this.

Pure Vitamin e (Retinol) offers excellent anti-oxidant protection. Combine that with Serums containing Vitamin C, and you have even greater protection from sun damage.

It’s wonderful that you can simply purchase a natural product to soothe and protect your skin. And you’ll keep your beautiful complexion longer.

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